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Spark curiosity through hands-on discovery in our STEM series!

We encourage little ones to explore the world around them and to lean into their curiosities, interests and questions. We supply the lab, tools and structure to seek the answers!
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Slide on your lab goggles and roll up your sleeves. Your little one will be at the center of exploration and experiments designed to ignite discovery.

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Lab partners

We promote collaboration in our class led group discussions! This is a time for budding scientists to practice listening, deductive reasoning, and team work.

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Live results

We want the magic of cause and effect to unfold right in front of your explorers' eyes. Picture your little scientist creating magnetic slime or erupting volcanoes.

See inside our STEM Series!

STEM series developmental benefits

Inspire your little one to observe, ask questions, and determine outcomes as Kidville teachers bring awareness to the science found all around us! Your future leader will unlock more than just answers in our STEM series.

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Cause &

From color mixing to water crystals!

Bring on the WOW moments as your little investigator experiences live results in our weekly experiments.  This teaches them that their behavior and actions result in a response.

Engineering skills

From magnatiles to custom creations!

Discover how and why things work by unlocking the freedom to explore, craft and design inside our lab!

Sensory explorations

From digging bins to tactile play!

Your savvy scientist will use all of their senses and imagination to explore each week’s materials, findings and tools.

Problem solving

From theories to conclusions!

We love questions inside our lab!  Together we unlock results and findings and come to a conclusion based on experimentation.

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