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Unleash your budding artist's creativity!

Start your refrigerator gallery of masterpieces while your little one is given the freedom to explore, create and get messy. (BONUS: We handle the clean up!)
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Process over product

Our art series is focused on the process of creation rather than the finished product. This allows your little artist to experience art with no expectations other than discovery.

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No fuss mess

We believe in the freedom to get messy. Our art studio is designed for hands-on fun with toddler-sized tools, smocks, and a wall outfitted for painting!

My Big Messy Art 4

Artist's signature

Just like a museum, we never touch the art. Rest assured that your little one's creations will only feature their signature strokes, markings and fingerprints.

Peek into My Big Messy Art Class!

Art series developmental benefits

Introducing art at an early age unlocks benefits far greater than creative expression. Go beyond finger paint and glitter and see how art at Kidville can make an impact on your future Monet.

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Fine motor

From jumbo crayons to paint rollers!

Your little one’s wrist, hand and fingers will be engaged through our introduction of new art instruments each week.

Language development

From colors to shapes!

Your little one will discover the vocabulary to label the creative world around them including color, shape and texture identification.

solving skills

From choices to decisions!

The freedom of choice within creation allows your little one to begin to make decisions like which color to try first and where to place the paint brush.


From trying a new technique to a masterpiece!

There are no mistakes in art.  Your little one can mix, match, and explore with creative autonomy.  Seeing their masterpiece hung proudly in your home will only boost their self-esteem.

Explore our Art classes!

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