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Tune in and turn up the soundtrack to your toddler's life!

All access pass granted as you and your family step into a live musical performance packed with the perfect mix of kids' classics and original jams!
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Always live

No prerecorded track or lip-syncing here. This allows for optimal musical exposure to live instruments ranging from voice and guitar to drums and keys.

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We invite hands-on participation with our collection of toddler-sized instruments perfect for exploration and sparking an early love for music.

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Original content

A team of musical experts have written the music and lyrics to one-of-a-kind songs that will have you both clapping along and learning something new with each set list.

Peek into Rockin' Railroad!

Music series developmental benefits

Musical memories become the soundtrack to your life. We are sure you can think back to a lullaby that your family sang in your childhood, right? Let Kidville introduce you to new melodies, games and rhymes that go far beyond musical appreciation.

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Sensory enhancement

From the strum of the guitar to the bang of the drums!

Exposure to the symphony of sounds within live music will make the noisy world around your little one less scary and more enjoyable.

Language development

From letter of the day to clean-up time!

Music is a fantastic vehicle to elevate your little one’s routine.  From discovering a new letter of the day to chanting together during clean-up your future rock star will start to join the chorus of our class!

Improve literacy and numeracy

From singing a book to nursery rhymes!

We take story time to the next level by singing our favorite titles into existence and making each page come alive through song.  Unlock pattern recognition with weekly lap songs and rhymes in our enhanced circle time.


From family dance parties to bubble time!

Get lost in the rhythm of fun that sets the beat for all of our music classes.  You will feel the spark of joy when you grab your dance partner’s tiny hand and twirl, bounce and step to the hit of the week.  You will leave class feeling lighter and more connected!

Explore our Music classes!

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