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A virtual Kidville!

The Kidville Playground is our digital platform to meet our families' needs on-the-go and at home!
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A growing need

The Kidville community’s in-store operations are on pause worldwide.  As a response, we have pivoted the talents of our Kidville team and content from in-person to digital online experiences.

Gym Time

Expect Kidville JOY

Come to The Kidville Playground to tap into the same feeling you and your family get by walking through the halls of Kidville.  We will be serving up a curated library of videos, resources, and projects to keep families engaged and supported at home.

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Ready to go LIVE

We will bring consistency and routine with weekly live classes streaming from our Play Professionals direct to your devices.  Register in advance, join the class, and engage live for your daily dose of Kidville!