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Proud parents.
School ready superstars.

Kidville University (KVU) is our gradual separation program that gives you and your little one a positive first school experience!
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Ready to separate?

We provide a caring lap for your little one as they separate for the very first time. We meet each child where they are and facilitate a gentle process tailored to the needs of each family.

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Gain independence.

Our classroom provides unique opportunities for little ones to gain independence and confidence through play centers, rotating activities, and a familiar structured routine.

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Parents stay in the know through ongoing communication, privately shared photo albums, parent information sessions and events, and newsletters from day one to graduation day!

An inside look at KVU!

Choosing a school should be fun!

Forget the stress of applications, interviews, or limited options. We are here to help!

The Experience

Choosing Kidville University is a no-brainer - here are the core elements of our program.

Gentle separation

Separating for the first time? Our separation process is thoughtfully tailored to the unique needs of each and every family as well as the class as a whole. We know how hard this is for you as a parent – we provide ongoing communication, hand holding, and lots of hugs for you and your little one along the way.

1:4 teacher ratio

A 1:4 teacher/child ratio ensures little ones benefit from individualized attention during the separation process. Trusting relationships are carefully built during their first transitions to an independent classroom through teacher guided exploration.

Emergent curriculum

Emergent curriculum is dynamic by nature as it caters to the classroom’s interests in real time. This offers meaningful experiences that are instantly relevant – our observant and interactive teachers build activities and centers around the kids’ curiosities.

Consistent routine

A predictable routine and daily structure lays the foundation for kids and their grown up(s) to develop security and know what to expect. We also know how important it is for parents to stay in the loop on what their child is learning. We provide weekly, monthly, and ongoing communication with parents through newsletters, progress reports, and access to our private photo sharing app!

Want a peek inside the classroom experience?

See our students in action!