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June, 24 2019 Art + DIY

Try this at home: under the sea imaginative play!

DIY Under the Sea Cave!

Summer comes with outdoor activities, sunshine, beach days and time with friends! It also means your kiddo might be home more often or for longer periods of time.

HAVE NO FEAR! We’ve got a super fun way to spend the day!

Think of this as your under water tent or a “kids cave.”


  • A blanket, plastic table cover or cellophane (blue is BEST!)
  • Under the sea trinkets and tactile pieces: flower leis, sequins, sand, shells, construction paper fish, fish netting, stuffed animal sea creatures, bath toys, shovels, scoops, pebbles…the options are ENDLESS!

Basically, you’ll want to create a cave under the blanket or cellophane and fill it with under water stuff to play with!

We taped blue cellophane to the wall and over a chair to create the water:

Under the Sea Blog P2 -min
An underwater hideaway!

Ways to play & explore

  • Start by deciding whether your little one is a scuba diver or a mermaid or a fish! Who do they want to be today?
  • Go DEEP SEA DIVING as their character to explore what’s “under water”
  • How do they swim as their character? How do they breathe? Do they have any magical powers?
  • Have them draw what they see under water! Who are their friends under water? Where do they feel safe? Is the shark a bad guy?
  • Set the mood by playing The Little Mermaid or other fun water songs and having a dance party!
Under the Sea Blog P3 -min
A "coral reef" to explore!
Under the Sea Blog P4-min
What's swimming over head? So many possibilities!
  • Bust out the bubbles to set the mood!
  • Create costume pieces using what is around the house! Think: hats, goggles, fins, face paint, scuba gear, flowers for their hair.
  • Read an under the sea story and have your little one act out what’s happening in their sea cave.
  • Play “eye spy” and see if they can find the types of sea creatures, fish or colors in their cave.
  • Under water sing-a-long! If you know the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid, go for it! Other fun songs are:
    • Octopus’ Garden
    • Baby Beluga
    • Three Little Fishies
    • Baby Shark
    • Under the Sea
Under the Sea Blog P5-min
Can you spot the school of fish?

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