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May, 15 2019 Art + DIY

Try at Home: Watercolor Rain Art!

Watercolor Rain Art 1
DIY Watercolor Rain Art

This super fun (and pretty!) Watercolor Rain art project is perfect for our spring weather! (PLUS! No rainboots required!)

Fun for a rainy indoor day or an artsy outdoor day!




  • Watercolors

  • Paintbrush

  • Mixed Media or Watercolor Paper

  • Eye Dropper (optional)

  • Straw

I used these super fun (and easy!) watercolor pens called Mudder Watercolor Pen Brush (order on amazon here). They’re basically like Melissa & Doug’s “Water Wow” pens without the pad. You fill the brush with water and when you squeeze it a little, water comes out! They are self cleaning too which is A+ in our book!


Step 1: Help your little cover a brush in blue water color. Have them paint along the top of their paper. The more watercolor used, the better! Do a couple layers!

Step 2: Rinse your brush (or grab a new one!) and layer on top some green water color. Once you are both satisfied, get ready to MAKE IT RAIN!

Step 3: Using your eye dropper OR your Mudder Brush – squeeze water along the top of the paper so it begins to mix the water colors and so you can make RAIN down your paper. (If you do not have an eye dropper, simply help your little one by adding water along the top of your page using your paint brush!)

Step 4: Put the watercolor end of the paper closest to your child. Have them blow in the straw to make it run watercolors down the paper! Help them out by lifting the paper up a little bit to make it drip down easier.

Step 5: Stand the paper up so the colors all run to the bottom. Add more colors and more water for more watercolor rain!

The beauty of watercolor is that you can keep adding and adding and ADDING! Go ahead and add more color and make it rain as many times as you’d like to get your desired look!

finished wcart

We used blues to make it look like a rainy day! But experiment with other colors! You can talk about mixing colors and what happens when you add different colors!

Share your artwork in the comments below or tag us on instagram @kidville