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January, 13 2014 Fun

Top Ten Gifts – Wedgits


Reviewed by:  Christine Knight

I have a two-year-old who is like a butterfly. She flits and flies and her interest in anything comes in quick bursts that quickly wane. We are constantly trying to find educational toys that hold her interest for longer than 2.5 seconds.

 Wedgits - Starter Kit

Enter the Wedgits, a twist on traditional building blocks, designed for kids aged 1 – 12. We received a Starter Set ($24.95), for kids aged 2 – 10. The set contains 15-pieces of primary colored building blocks, that can be nested together in unlimited combinations. The brilliance of these toys lies in their deceptively simple design. Big, bright pieces, easy for small hands to hold, and also easy to nest together in any combination – limited only by a child’s imagination.

Wedgits - Builders


My toddler has recently grasped the idea of “presents” (uh-oh!). Her face lit up when she saw the box, with her little voice begging for help to take out the Wedgits after she spied the nested pyramid in the box.

Wedgits - Building Blocks

There was no need to show her how to use Wedgits. She instinctively started unstacking and restacking the pieces in amazing geographic shapes, delighted in her ability to create tall structures that looked like they might topple over.

 Wedgits - Fun Colors

The real test was would the Wedgits stand the test of a toddler’s short attention span. And, amazingly, the answer is yes. Not only did she play with the toy for a considerable amount of time when she opened it, she returned to it again the following days, each time building new combinations out of the pieces over and over again, in a continuous stream of creativity.

 Wedgits - Fun to stack

The Wedgit Starter Set was a total hit in our household. We will definitely be building on our Wedgit collection for future gifts for our toddler.

Available at select Kidville Boutiques.