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January, 09 2014 Fun

Top Ten Gifts – Melissa and Doug Costumes

Melissa and Doug Costumes

Reviewed by:  Heidi Green

My 5 year-old boy/girl twins LOVE to dress up.  So when we received the Melissa and Doug fire chief and rock star costumes for their birthday this week, they were elated!  The first thing you notice is that each costume comes in a high-quality, thick, plastic bag with snaps, for neat and protective storage.  As soon as you open the bags, you notice the AMAZING quality.  These are not made of the cheap, Halloween costume type of fabrics – but rather, top-quality, high-end materials.

FireThe fire chief comes with everything my son needed to set his imagination soaring; bright red jacket with reflective material, a helmet, fire extinguisher and a bullhorn with sound effects.  There’s also a shiny badge and name tag to add a personal touch with the child’s name.

rockThe rock star costume is as cool as it gets!  It comes with a glittery tulle skirt, shiny pink leggings, mesh, fingerless gloves, a zebra-print top with detailed belt, and of course a microphone.  My kids had so much fun with these costumes, that they didn’t want to take them off, and actually slept in them!


Found at:  Select Kidville Boutiques