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January, 09 2014 Kidville

Top Ten Gifts – Crystal Bracelet

Bari Lynn Crystal Bow Bracelet

Reviewed by Rachael Groll

My youngest daughter, Amileah, was so happy to receive this bright pink sparkle bow bracelet from Bari Lynn. Being the youngest of three girls, she has seen a myriad of sparkly, girly objects come through her hands. Between hand me downs from her sisters, and presents from the grandparents “because she is the baby,” the girl has never had a want for any pretty baby girl jewelry.

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Imagine my delight and surprise at her reaction to the bracelet she was sent. It was bright pink, every little girl’s favorite color, and sparkly. She told me immediately that it matched all of her clothes. The nicest feature on this piece is the snap closure. There are two sizes that you can set it to, allowing for smaller wrists. Many times, the jewelry sold at stores falls right off of her because she has such a tiny wrist. This one, however, was still loose enough to move around, but tight enough that it would not fall off. My middle daughter, age 6 also wore it for a bit on the larger size setting.

Overall, I would say this is a good purchase for that little princess that loves to shine!

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Available in 5 colors! Pink Metallic, Silver Snake, Dark Grey Snake, Fucshia Snake, and Navy Snake.Leather bow bracelet with crystal center. Snap closure has three buttons to fit all sizes.