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January, 08 2014 Kidville

Top Ten Gifts – Elegant Baby Rock Star Bath Squirties

Elegant Baby Rock Star Bath Squirties

Reviewed By:  Becky Erlichman

We give our 16 month old a bath almost every night.

Some people may think that is excessive, and perhaps it is.  But, once we lift this child out of her high chair after dinner, she is usually so covered in food that we head straight for the bathtub to clean her up.  Luckily, she loves the water, and really enjoys her bath time.

Recently, we were given a set of Rock Star Party musical instrument squirting bath toys.  These soft squeezable toys were a hit with our toddler.   The toys come in a package of five and each one is an instrument.  There’s a keyboard, two guitars, a saxophone, and a drum set.  Each one can be filled with water and used as a squirt toy.  A really nice feature of these toys is they come in a vinyl bag with drainage holes so it can be used for storage even if the toys are a little wet.

Elegant Baby Bath SquirtersLily loved them.

She chewed them.

Fun Elegant Baby Bath Toys

She tried to play the keyboard

Playing the keyboard

She pretended the keyboard was a telephone and had a long conversation with Elmo.

Just talking on the phone

She dropped them into the water and laughed at the splash they made.

Fun to splash

She chewed on them some more

Chew time

She stood up in the tub and tried to dance (before we could stop her!)

IMG_8958Overall, these bath toys are a lot of fun.  The perfect gift for a baby who has a lot of rhythm!

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