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January, 01 2015 Kidville

Top 15 Things to Do at Kidville in the New Year

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15. Make a wish in style with the newest party theme where you’ll join the circus, every little kid’s dream!

14. Wiggle and Giggle with bumpy balls galore. You’ll make many new friends and oh so much more!

13. Attend amazing events to celebrate members like you. Valentine’s Day party and Spring Fling, to name a few.

12. Sing along with Grandma, Izzy and the Rockin’ Railroad crew. They have new hit songs they can’t wait to share with all of you!

11. Watch Big Muscles grow each and every day. When our Babies turn to Builders – we shout ‘You did it! Hooray!’

10. Make messy masterpieces, memories, and projects so fun to hang in the gallery when our artists are done!

9. Twirl, shuffle, and hip-hop to every dance and beat, then perform for your fans – point those toes, tap those feet.

8. Explore in the gym on the uneven bars and rings, then take a ride on the zipline and soar on the swings!

7. ​Celebrate our KVU students at the end of the year, with special class ​photo books, stories, and ​a big Kidville ​cheer.

6. ​Then get ready for Camp and each exciting week. We have amazing new plans and projects so unique!

5. During bubble time in classes, so much fun will be had. Hands down the favorite of every Kidville kid, Mom & Dad!

4. Big kids never get bored when there’s so much to do – from sports to be played and science projects so new!

3. Run, jump, and tumble the rain and snow away. The Kidville playspace is the perfect place to play.

2. Now when you “Say cheese!” only #Kidville will do. We love seeing Instagram photos from members like you.

1. And at the end of each class, as we always love to say….

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