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June, 12 2018 Books

Summer Reading List: Our Top Summer Books for Kids!

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Book Club Summer Reading List

Schools OUT but our Summer Reading list is IN! Check out our curated list of sunny summer reads suggested to us by our Mommy Expert (and Kidville University Director!) Amelia!

Don’t miss the storytime extension ideas accompanying each book for interactive activities that’ll enhance your at-home storytime! Ready? Let’s scroll!

The Seashore Book

The Seashore Book

The perfect book to get in the mood for the beach!

AGES: 3-6 years

WHY WE LOVE THIS BOOK: The beautiful illustrations really bring the beach to life!

Story Time Extension: Create a sensory bin with sand, shells, sea glass, rocks and shovels for your kiddos to dig around in. This will enrich the story as you discuss the beach!


Read this AT the beach! After reading the story walk the beach and collect the items you saw and read about!

Dragons love tacos

ages 3-5 years click the image to purchase

We love tacos, we love summer…we love eating tacos in the summer! “Dragons Love Tacos” is a fun story for the whole family!

AGES: 3-6 years

WHY WE LOVE IT: SILLY ALERT! This book is silly and has fun illustrations sure to make your little ones giggle!

Storytime Extension: Make a taco bar and have a taco party! Kiddos will love helping you prepare all the toppings and cook dinner!

Ice Cream Summer

ice cream summer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for “Ice Cream Summer” by Peter Sis!

AGES: 4-7 years

WHY WE LOVE IT: This story is great for siblings of different ages. It has fun illustrations and a sweet story for younger kids and incorporates math and the history of ice cream for the older kids!

Storytime Extension: A perfect way to read this story is with a yummy cold treat such as a popsicle, fro-yo or an ice cream cone! Yum!

Night before summer vaca

summer vaca

Even though school’s out, we’re still reading “The Night Before Summer Vacation,” by Natasha Wing.

AGES: 3-7 years

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love the illustrations and it makes packing for a trip fun! Plus, the verses are very catchy!

Storytime Extension:  This is a great book to read before taking a family vacation! Have your child help make a list of what needs to be packed. Kids will love getting to help and you can make it a fun activity for all! This can also turn into a great math activity when you need pack a certain amount of items!

baby loves summer

Baby loves summer

Oh baby! This colorful book is the perfect summer read!

AGES: 6 months-3 years

WHY WE LOVE IT: The interactive flaps and the bright colors are too much fun!

Storytime Extension: Let babies play in a pool of water and splash around! This simple activity is so much fun for young children! Don’t have a pool? Let them play in the tub!

Mouses first summer

mouses first summer

Baby’s first summer? Check out “Mouse’s First Summer!”

AGES: 1-4 years

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love the fun day Mouse and Minka have in the park!

Extension: Pack a picnic basket and head out to the park! Read the book and help your little one point out all the things in real life!

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