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May, 11 2017 Parties + Events

Ready, Set, Build! A Construction Party at Kidville!

Hi. Welcome to your party!

You’ll want to dump everything and come party with us!

Ready, it’s going to be epic!


Exploration Time

  • Kidville Blocks & Magna-Tiles Station for building, creating and knocking down!
  • Personalized Playdough Station with tools, imagination mats and colorful dough.
  • Plan out your Construction Site with our Construction Sticker Scenes
  • Go on site with our digging exploration bin which includes shovels, construction vehicles and road signs.

Creation Time

  • Construction Hats: Each child will decorate and design his/her own hard hat with markers, jewels, and themed stickers.

Gym Time

  • BULLDOZE! Gym time starts with the children bulldozing a giant wall made of vinyl blocks. Double the fun by stacking and knocking them down again!
  • Worksite Obstacle Course: Walk on the cross beam, zig zag around the construction cones, crawl through the tunnel and end at the digging site.
  • Wrecking Ball Zip Line!

All of our interactive state-of-the-art gym time includes a curated, high-energy music playlist with kid-friendly pop tunes to complement a chosen birthday theme.

Gym time begins with group activities before we open things up for free play on the Tumbl Trak, obstacle course mats, rings and bars. A bubble send off concludes this party segment before it’s off for the moment of all moments … the happy birthday song!

Happy Birthday Time

  • Pizza and juice for kids (kosher options available)
  • Happy birthday song and cake; don’t worry there’s enough for grown-ups too!
  • Premium party favors and tons of birthday hugs!
Table Setting Image
Each Kidville party table is set with a white table cover, colorful plates and balloon bouquets!

4 Steps to Book

  • Schedule your free party consultation
  • Snag a party slot in our VIP (very important parent) space
  • Choose the party package that meets your needs
  • Make your party pop with an interactive theme of choice

PLEASE NOTE: Based on product availability and Kidville location, specific activities and projects may vary. Please contact your local Kidville for more information!