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March, 09 2014 Kidville

Members Share Their Kidville Love Story

Last month we invited Kidville teachers and Kidville families to share their Kidville Love Story. Here are a few of our favorite photos that Kidville members from around the world submitted. Enjoy!

Cole- Brentwood

“Cole has been to going to Kidville in various classes since he was 16 months old, but being in KVU has helped him tremendously.  He started as one of the shyest of the groups, preferring to stand back and observe, but now he is at the forefront leading the charge in sons and so excited about everything they do and all his friends in the class! This picture really showcases his love and enthusiasm for both the class and his teachers.  You can see the pride and joy he has in receiving his diploma.  What an achievement!” – Marli H., Kidville Brentwood member

Kyle - Las Vegas

“This is Kyle with his favorite teacher, Miss Jessica, during his second birthday party at Kidville.  Miss Jessica helped Kyle on the zip-line, since Mommy was due any minute with his baby sister.  We were really feeling the Kidville love, and baby sister was born just 5 hours after the birthday party!” – Lori J, Kidville Tivoli Village member


“My girls love everything about Kidville, but the staff have a special place in their hearts.  They adore the Prima Ballerina class that Jen teaches.  45 minutes of pure joy.” – Shannon Z., Kidville Fallsgrove member

Ryder in Clarke - Lincoln Park

“”Head Over Heels for Kidville! Ryder and Clarke, two-year-old KVU classmates and dear friends, simply love ‘hanging out’ together. From singing songs, dressing up in costume, creating magnificent arts & crafts, to sharing laughs & bountiful energy in the gym, it is always a dazzling day at Kidville! We are grateful to be a part of the Kidville Community. We adore our teachers, fellow classmates & their parents all to pieces! Wishing you the happiest Birthday may your 10th be the best yet. Thank you for making our children & our families so VERY happy!” – Megan G., Kidville Lincoln Park member


“Halloween is tricky for 1-year-olds; they are too young to enjoy candy and don’t yet grasp the concept of trick-or-treating. But we came dressed in our costumes to Rockin’ Railroad and that made the whole holiday worth it! It always feels like a party at Kidville.” – Julie P., Kidville Riverdale member

Taylor - Lincoln Park

“Taylor LOVES ‘hanging around’ Kidville!” – Kate S., Kidville Lincoln Park member

Taylor - Fallsgrove

“Every morning our daughter Taylor wakes up and asks us if it’s time for Ballet Tea Party! She absolutely loves the Kidville location at Fallsgrove! We joined right when it opened and look forward each week to attending Big Muscle Builders and Ballet Tea Party! Taylor loves her instructors Mr. Dan and Miss. Jen who have taught her not only ballet moves but how to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ and she has also developed a LOVE of cleaning up! Kidville Fallsgrove is such a wonderful, family friendly place that we also decided to host Taylor’s 2nd Birthday Party there and it was a huge success! Our little ballerina LOVES Kidville and looks forward to Ballet Tea Party each week!” – Jessica C., Kidville Fallsgrove member


“My son loves Osvin, the Kidville staffer who supervises in the gym during Open Play. He asks almost every day to wear his orange shirt ‘like Osvin.'” – Regan K., Kidville Bethesda member


“The picture says it all – my daughter has a ball at the Kidville gym!” – Taryn C., Kidville Hoboken member

Declan - Fallsgrove

“We moved to the area a few months ago and were still looking for activities for my recently-turned-2-son, Declan.  He loved bubbles and hadn’t seen any bubbles since we moved until during the Rockin’ Railroad class we attended.  Great music and bubbles!  Need we say more? :)” – Junellle G., Kidville Fallsgrove member


“Just ‘hanging around’ with her great friend at a Superhero-themed birthday party!” – Adam M., Kidville Denville member

Sammie - Riverdale

“I have never seen my daughter Sammie smile so big before! During her first day of Ballet Tea Party class she just lit up like I have never seem her before. I thank you Kidville for teaching my daughter plies and making her smile so big. Thank you!” – Maia S., Kidville Riverdale member

Bobby - Carlsbad

“This is one of my all-time favorite photos of Bobby and it was taken at his very first Wee Wiggle class. The bubbles were just about to come out! This and the singing are his favorite parts of class.” – Eric S., Kidville Carlsbad member

Kortez - Englewood

“Kortez loves running around in the gym.  He especially loves building and knocking down the foam blocks.  It’s his favorite place to run around especially this time of year.” – Marisol G., Kidville Englewood member

Sadie- MTW

 “Sadie thinks JP is the cat’s meow!” – Carole R., Kidville Midtown West member

Finn - UES

“This is Finn after her ballet class with her teacher, Andrew.” – Trish O., Kidville Upper East Side member

** Trish O. was randomly selected to win 2 free weeks of Camp Kidville.**

Thank you to all of the families that submitted photos to our Share the Love campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Your kind words and photos put huge smiles on our faces and we are so proud and grateful to be a part of your child’s development and your family’s life.

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