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February, 14 2014 Kidville

Kidville Class Review: Totally Tap

My Daughter’s Favorite Kidville Class

I started taking classes at Kidville with my daughter when she was 3 months old. It began with a music class that forced me to get out of the house and put on clean clothes. As the months went by, we started enrolling in all sorts of fun classes. My daughter learned how to do a somersault, make zucchini pie, and paint a masterpiece all under one roof. So when her third birthday rolled around and she was old enough for drop-off classes she didn’t get upset about separating from me. She just walked right in and when I stopped her to take a picture she got mad and screamed, “I have to go dance.”

photo 2-1

We are three¬† weeks into the new semester and I still haven’t gotten a good picture of my daughter in her adorable tap outfit. Before class she is too excited about dancing and after class she cries because she doesn’t want to say bye to her Kidville teachers. Despite the high emotions surrounding my daughter’s 45-minute tap dance class, this is the highlight of my week.

photo 1-6

I love it because I get a much needed break. I usually spend the whole class peeking in to try and catch a glimpse of my daughter dancing but sometimes I check my email or call a friend. I don’t have to worry about whether or not my daughter is in good hands because she’s taken classes with these teachers before. My daughter loves her tap dance class because with tap shoes she can dance and make noise. She also enjoys the fact that she gets to take a class by herself like a big girl.


This may be the first of many tap dance classes or my daughter could decide to take a different Kidville class next semester. Whatever happens I am grateful to have found a place where my daughter feels comfortable enough to try so many different activities.