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September, 28 2018 Books

Kidville Book Club: Halloween Book List

AGES — 3 months to 4 years

THE SCOOP — For Boynton’s tiniest readers, this Halloween tale is all silly treats — no tricks! Inviting, kid-friendly illustrations tells the story of how kooky farmyard chickens that experience a host of strange happenings become familiar with the fun traditions of Halloween.

STORYTIME EXTENSION – This short, silly, and sweet book is great for smaller kiddos to identify familiar animals, colors, and sounds. See if children under 2 can identify what animal is wearing the costume: “I see a tail peaking out from the robot! Who do you think is inside? The animal in the mouse costume has a trunk, who could that be?” See if they can use the context clues to level up their reading comprehension.

AGES — 3 to 7 years

THE SCOOP — One of life’s trickier lessons to learn, but oh so freeing once mastered — staying true to ones’ self while being part of a group — comes to life in a sweet story that follows a friendly ghost named Boo. He’s new, he’s shy, and he’s different, but his uniqueness finds a way to shrine through nonetheless.

STORYTIME EXTENSION- This is a great book for older kiddos to work on both empathy and metaphor! Ask school-going kids, “Which character in the book feels most like you and why?” While all of the characters are fantastical creatures, feeling frustrated when your strengths and interests are different from your friends is something every child can connect to. Ask children “Is there a time you felt like Boo? Have you noticed someone else that might feel left out? What are ways you could make someone who is different feel included?”

AGES — 3 to 6 years

THE SCOOP — A young and clever witch plays a handful of tricks kept up her sleeve as she gives the ghosts haunting her house a run for their money. Her creativity leads to some very silly outcomes in this amusing story packed with bold illustrations.

STORYTIME EXTENSION- What a FUN book to get into the spooky spirit! For kids under 3 years old, ask “Can you count the ghosts on each page?” Children 3 and over – turn this book into a game! Grab a white sheet or small blanket and pretend it’s a ghost, then have your own fun like the little girl in the book! She turns ghosts into blankets, table cloths, and so many things! Get your child’s imagination in gear, what will YOU turn your ghost into?

AGES — 4 to 7 years

THE SCOOP — Bobby thinks he has the worst teacher ever. So much so that he’s convinced she’s a monster. A chance encounter during the weekend allows Bobby to finally see his teacher, Ms. Kirby, in a whole new light as a lesson in perspective is charmingly taught in this endearing picture book.

STORYTIME EXTENSION-This book is great for older kiddoes (4 years +) to understand perspective and empathy.  Ms. Kirby isn’t really a monster, but some of the pictures make her look that way! Ask your child to draw a picture of themselves as a monster. If you were a monster, would you have fangs and 3 eyes? Or a snout and horns? Get spooky and creative.