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November, 02 2018 Parenting

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Tips for your Toddler!

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If your preschooler is experiencing some inappropriate and unpleasant behavior, such as whining, crying, or getting angry, they may not be getting sufficient sleep.

Hyperactive, irritable, aggressive, and impulsive behavior frequently indicate a lack of sleep. The toddler years are a critical period for developing physical abilities and motor skills. Lack of sleep in your toddler can affect their ability to grow and learn. More of the human growth hormone is released when a toddler sleeps. Additionally, lack of sleep affects a toddler ability to focus and learn from their daily activities.

Adequate sleep helps your child have a well-functioning immune system. Your toddler needs adequate rest to be able to fight childhood illnesses, such as the common cold and viruses. A well-rested body is capable of providing this vital protection.


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Establish a bedtime routine. Start about 30 minutes before it is time to go to sleep and follow the same routine every day.

Keep consistent bedtimes. Having the same sleep and wake times every day regulates your toddler’s sleep cycle.

Make sure the bedtime is relatively early. Research indicates major brain development occurs in the earlier hours of the evening.

Provide a comfortable, age-appropriate sleep space. Have a bed designed for a toddler with bed coverings that provide enough warmth.

It is not advisable to lie down with your toddler to encourage sleep. Doing so establishes a routine that is very hard to break.

Tired and sleepy parents in the bed with her todler baby in the morning

Every toddler is different, and you must consider the needs of your own child when you decide how many hours of sleep they need and the best bed and bedtime for them. However, make sure they get enough total hours of sleep each day. Doing so will help your child be rested, happy, and ready for the day ahead.