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August, 09 2013 Kidville

DIY Foil Fun from Kidville’s Run, Wiggle, Paint and Giggle!

Run Wiggle Paint and Giggle

So many ways to play! Kidville’s signature pre-nursery program engages eager toddlers through stories, ball play, manipulative toys, block building, art exploration and sensory play, and the finale: wiggling with one of Kidville’s own rockin’ musicians!   This week we wanted to highlight one of our favorite books and accompanying activity to keep your little one busy and happy.

Every child loves to play in their kitchen! Why not introduce both parents and children to the book “Pots and Pans” by Patricia Hubbel.

Pots and Pans

This playful poem is all about making noise (rhythm and sound) in the kitchen. In the kitchen you can also find tin foil…..such a fun material.!  For children 18 months and older here is a DIY project to do at home in the kitchen:

1)  Give your child a sheet of foil and encourage them to crinkle it and then flatten it out. 

2)  Give a squeeze of finger paint to slide and wiggle across the foil. 

It’s a great tactile and muscle joint awareness experience! Is it bumpy? Is it rough? What does it feel like to you!? You can even do this in your own Kitchen!!! If your child doesn’t like the feeling, try using a spoon or spatula to move the paint around on the foil.

Look at me - Finger Painting

Friends Painting

Happy Painter

3)  Have fun!

Learn more about Run, Wiggle, Paint and Giggle here.

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