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January, 07 2014 Kidville

Top Ten Gifts – Seedling’s Butterfly Mask

My Butterfly Mask

Reviewed by: Crystal Sixta

My 6-year-old daughter, Faith, loves all things creative. My favorite toys (and I think hers, too) are always available in her room and include paper, markers, crayons, and all sorts of craft supplies. I’ve always tried to encourage open-ended art for her own creative expression, and she comes up with some pretty cool things as a result.


I was thrilled, then, when we received this mask kit from Seedling. We were both so excited to check it out, and my daughter tore into the package so fast, that I almost didn’t even get photos of it in the package! If you read about the company here, you can see that they value open-ended art as much as I do, which as a mom and daycare provider is awesome. Their toys are intended to inspire creativity, and I can say the Seedling My Butterfly Mask Kit we received did just that!


As I said, my daughter was quick to open the package and wanted to work on her mask right away. I got out all the pieces, explained that there was both glitter glue and glitter with craft glue, that the ribbon would go on after everything was dry, and then let her get to work. Unfortunately she’d had a rather cranky day week (parents, I know you can relate!) so at times she got impatient and frustrated trying to open the glitter. Admittedly the caps are on tight, so younger kids will need assistance with that part, but as this toy is recommended for ages 6 and up, my daughter is on the younger end of the spectrum. Very quickly she seemed to know what she wanted to do, and probably within a half hour she had completed her mask. (On a normal, less-cranky week, she may have spent more time.)


As I said, she was so quick to get to it that we didn’t have time to do her hair… or clean her room… before I snapped pictures! But I wanted to be sure and get some before we forgot or something happened to the mask! Incidentally, the mask feels sturdy and quality-made, so I think it will survive this girl just fine. Her only complaint was that the eye holes weren’t big enough (her eyelashes caught on the edges), but that’s an easy fix!


I think this toy or any of the other masks or toys from Seedling would be a great holiday or birthday gift, and one of those unique things that you can be sure no one else will be getting!

From Seedling:  Available at Kidville Boutiques

Get ready for the carnival with glitter, ribbons and your very own butterfly mask. This Seedling Kit Contains: Craft Glue, Ribbon, Glitter Glue, Mask & Instructions. Recommended for Ages 6+ years.


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