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March, 19 2019 Books

Booklist: March 2019 – Lucky Reads!

Looking for a good book? You’re in LUCK!

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day with these three fun reads! Make sure to check out the fun activity suggestions to go along with the book!

Bright Baby Touch and Feel St. Patrick’s Day

by Roger Priddy

Ages 1-3 years old.

THE SCOOP: In 12 colorful and stimulating pages, Roger Priddy’s picture book is a sensory delight ideal for little bookworms to touch and feel textures related to St. Patrick’s Day! From shamrocks to parades, there’s a lot for ting fingers to explore and absorb about this fun holiday.


Touch and feel books are great for babies 12 months and under – got a big kid sibling who’s ready for an extra challenge while reading with you? Ask them to find items around your home with a similar texture. Can they find something that’s the same texture and color? Prompt them to name similarities and differences between the two including uses, shape, and size.

St Patricks Touch and Feel Book

Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day

by Joan Holub

Ages 3-5 years

THE SCOOP – In this playful story, kids learn the ins and outs of St. Patrick’s day — St. Patrick himself, what shamrocks look like, and a host of yummy green foods, etc. — with interactive flaps that little ones can lift to discover more fun (including a leprechaun hidden on each page within the book)!


There is so much to discover in the illustrations for this book! Not only can kiddos search for the leprechaun hidden on each page, but you can ask them to identify new objects; bagpipes, shamrocks, even plaid-patterned balloons and an Irish Setter!


Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever!

by Teddy Slater

Ages 4-8 years

THE SCOOP: A lively, rhyming read awaits with this book about a leprechaun family’s beloved St. Patrick’s Day celebration. There is a festive parade, a huge Irish feast, and a ton of enchanting activities that make for a memorable March 17th!


Rhyming couplets provide a great reading challenge to children over 4! Because this book is filled with new, more challenging words (like ‘jig’ and ‘gally’!), the end of the rhyming phrase won’t be quite so obvious. Pause your reading aloud before the end of the couplet, see if your child can use context clues in the picture to identify the last word in the phrase. Then, have them point to the word as they complete the rhyme to build reading skills.


Luckiest ST Patricks Day