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July, 23 2018 Books

Book Club: Best Kids Books On-The-Go!

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Traveling this month? We’ve put together the short list of books you need to have in your child’s bag! Whether it’s a road trip, a flight or just a day trip to the park or pool, this book list is all about travel and adventure…plus, they pack well in your little one’s bag!

Let’s read!

Syvla Rose Title
Sylvia RoseAGES: 3.5 and up

Sylvia Rose travels all around over and learns the joys of roots and wings!

WHY WE LOVE THIS BOOK: Beautiful illustrations and rhyming couplets.

Story Time Extension: Cultural kiddos might be able to spot iconic landmarks like the Eiffel tower or the Sydney Opera House. From your own travels, see if they can spot familiar things! Talk about any landmarks they might see where you live and travel.

Princess Truly Image

Princess Truly

AGES: 2-4 years old

WHY WE LOVE THIS BOOK: This book really drives home the power of imagination! It teaches you that by using your imagination, you can go anywhere and be anything!

Story Time Extension: For older kiddos, see if they can complete the rhyming couplet with you!

Ask younger kids, “Did she really travel to Egypt and see the dinosaurs, or did she use her imagination? Where would you take an imaginary trip to if you could go anywhere?”

Drawing extension: With your little one, draw an imaginary place they would like to travel to. Include everything your kiddo wants to see! Have them help draw and color the picture.

All the way to Havana title

All the way to HavanaAGES: 3-6 years

WHY WE LOVE THIS BOOK: It’s a road trip to Havana for a birthday fiesta that pops to life in brilliant color thanks to Engle’s beautiful story and Curato’s illustrations.

Story Time Extension: Silly sound effect alert! There are lots of chances for you to make silly noises as you read this book aloud to your little one: Cara Cara goes zoom – zoom – cluck – cluck and vrooom!

Pete the Cat Title

Pete the CatAGES: 0-3 years

WHY WE LOVE THIS BOOK: We love the Pete the Cat series! This fun take on the tortoise and the hair story is all about groovy ways to travel.

Story Time Extension: Books about transportation are a great chance to have your little ones count and seek out similarities and differences. Ask, “How many wheels are on the bike? How many wheels are on the car? Can you name something else with wheels?”

If you’re on the road, look for cars with different numbers of wheels! (Trucks, cars, motorcycles..etc..) Also, by looking out the window you can look for things that Pete is seeing in the book!

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