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March, 27 2020 Books

At Home Storytime Resource: Helping Hands Pledge

Helping Hands Pledge

Good Morning Kidville with Mr. Bradley always ends with the Helping Hands pledge. We vow to do one thing throughout the day to help out our friends, neighbors, and family. Cleaning up our toys, throwing away trash, and helping our grown-up out are great ways to use your helping hands.

“I’ve got two hands! I do all I can to be a friend!”

You’re the best little helper!

We’ve created a printable resources to decorate showing off your helping hands! Get creative and add some sparkle. We can’t wait to see all the beautiful helping hands in the Kidville community!

Be sure to share your creation and tag with #kidville for a feature!

Ready, Set…HELP!

Don’t forget to share your helping hands on social media with #kidville. Mr. Bradley could feature yours in the next Good Morning Kidville show!