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March, 19 2020 Art + DIY

At Home Music Resource: Welcome to Grandma’s House

Meet Kidville VIP…Grandma!

Every week in our signature music class, Rockin’ Railroad, kiddos hop on the train and travel to Grandma’s house. OMG! There’s so much to learn! They play with scarves, explore the Letter of the Day, and storytime transforms into a musical adventure!

“It’s the coolest place to stay! We get to learn and we get to play!”

Time to grab your art supplies.

We’ve created a printable coloring sheet below for you to draw windows, doors, siding, and anything your heart desires. Get creative and add some sparkle!!

Be sure to share and tag your design with @kidville for a feature!

Ready, Set….GO!

Don’t forget to join us in Rockin’ Railroad so you can meet Grandma too.

All aboard!