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March, 27 2020 Art + DIY

At Home Music Resource: Drum Circle at Home

Create Your Own Drums

Our signature music series, Rockin’ Railroad, wouldn’t be complete without drum circle time! Each class explores rhythm and beats with a Rockin’ Railroad musician. Bring this favorite section of class to your living room by creating your own drums at home.

“It’s drum circle time. Everybody grab a drum! Everybody feel that groove!”

No drums? No worries!

Simple household items like pots, pans, and bowls make the perfect drum to create awesome beats. Use just your hands (or even a spatula!) for drumsticks. It’s really neat to hear the different types of sounds all these items make. We can find music anywhere!

Be sure to share your creation and tag with #kidville for a feature!

Ready, Set…DRUM!

Be sure to record your concert and tag #kidville for a feature. Now get to drumming! We can’t wait to see how creative you’ve gotten with your at-home drums.