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September, 20 2019 Family

2019 Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family!

We cannot believe it’s ANOTHER Halloween Season!!

For those of you with littles who know EXACTLY what they want to be, congratulations! That’s one less thing to think about!

If you’re struggling with costume ideas for you and the kiddo(s), check out some inspiration below!

Peter Pan
Never grow up as Peter + the Lost Boys!

Make it a Family Costume:

  • Nana (the dog!)
  • Lost Boys
  • Wendy
  • Captain Hook
  • Smee
  • The Crocodile!
May the force be with you!

Make it a Family Costume:

  • Luke
  • Leia
  • Darth Vader
  • Chewy
  • R2D2
  • C3pO

The list goes on and on and on!!!

The Peppa Pig Family!

Make it a family costume:

  • Mommy Pig
  • Daddy Pig
  • George Pig
  • Peppa Pig
  • Granny Pig
  • Grandpa Pig

Funny Bones!
Obsessed with these DIY costumes from!

Little people as old people is one of our #favorite costumes!

Check out their how-to HERE.

Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese! A fan favorite!

Make it for the whole family!

  • Costume 1: A Bowl
  • Costume 2: A fork
  • Costume 3: Butter
  • Costume 4: Milk

What else goes with Mac & Cheese?

Baby Shark
Baby shark do doo do do do doo!

We’re pretty sure this is a Dinosaur… BUT! We’re inspired to be the “Baby Shark Song!”

Make it for the whole family:

  • Baby Shark
  • Mommy Shark
  • Daddy Shark
  • Grandma Shark
  • Grandpa Shark


Pizza Pizza!!

Make it for the whole family!

  • Pizza Box! (get creative!)
  • Pizza Delivery Person
  • Red Pepper Flakes Shaker
  • Make it a Pizza PARTY and have Mom & Dad dressed with party hats + mouth blowers!