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Slide into NEW content every Saturday!

Start your weekend off with a dash of joy in your inbox including a fresh dose of new videos, resources, and live streams.

What to expect on The Kidville Playground!

(Hint: The same level of service, routine, and JOY you experience at your local Kidville)

Weekly Drop

Kidville classes are powered by weekly lesson plans that spark curiosity and engagement.  We have transformed those plans into a weekly drop of fresh videos for each class category.  New videos will be swapped in every Saturday morning!

Daily Dose

Every Saturday we will release the following week’s schedule of live streaming experiences for registration.  Each weekday will kick off with a Good Morning Kidville show designed to ease your kiddo into the day before jumping right into hourly AM classes taught by your favorite Play Professionals!  End the day with the Good Night Kidville show featuring acoustic lullabies to perfectly bookend your little one’s day.

Forever Library

AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! We want you to be able to replay your kiddo’s favorite videos to satisfy their dreams of repeat performances. Right at your fingertips, you’ll have access to our curated library of video clips, resources, projects, lyrics, and more to ensure your at-home experience is always on demand!

Do More Good

The Kidville Playground’s foundation is to Do More Good inside our communities by empowering our youngest citizens with the tools to share, give, and express kindness.  Our days will begin with a daily affirmation to build confidence and a Do More Good Challenge to ignite the world with CARE!

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FREE Trial Period

We want to serve families well in this time by providing the support, comfort, and consistency of Kidville programming for free.  This trial period will allow families full access to The Kidville Playground and give them the opportunity to register for all of our live streaming experiences.

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Virtual Memberships

COMING SOON:  Activate your kiddo’s online membership to The Kidville Playground for ultimate ongoing access, personalized videos, private classes, and one-on-one playdates!


Virtual Parties

Everyone is invited to our community parties where we will celebrate birthdays, acts of kindness, and break the internet with our virtual dance parties!