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Meet the faces of Kidville
Mount Kisco!


Rossana Federico

Kidville Mayor Meet Rossana

Rossana Federico

Kidville Mayor

Over the past 16 years Rossana has been directing, mentoring, and also teaching children age ranging from infancy to 10 years old on various developmental levels. Mom to two beautiful girls, Rossana's biggest tip as a parent is to get creative! You have to always be prepared to think out of the box. She believes that supporting children also means supporting their caregivers. It takes a village! Mayor Roe leads the Mt Kisco team with delivering quality customer service, supporting the teachers, and driving the curriculum all year long.

Roe's office door is always open for just about anything even booking your child's next birthday bash!

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Tess Bonner

Kidville University Director Meet Tess

Tess Bonner

Kidville University Director

Tess has over 25 years of experience working with children from ages birth to 6 years in preschool, daycare, birthday parties, enrichment programs, and volunteer work. You will find Tess teaching in the classroom, decorating the classroom, collaborating with her team, diving into messy art projects, or welcoming our families at the front desk. Tess is a mother of 5 beautiful children that are now older so she may continue her passion for teaching.

Tess is from South Dakota and has lived in at least 10 different states. Wow!

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Emily Scarogni

Member Specialist Meet Emily

Emily Scarogni

Member Specialist

Emily is our sunshine and loving smile when you enter Kidville! She is ready to dedicate her time to you and help make your life easier! She thrives on delivering excellent service and is always willing to lend a listening ear. Emily will always make you feel welcome and very comfortable. She is a mom of two handsome boys, an avid photographer.

Emily will always have stickers or even a band-aid handy for your kiddo!

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Find me in Mess Lab, Creative Movers, Big Muscles!


Find me in Big Muscles, Heroes In Training, Rockin' Railroad, KVU!


Find me in Savvy Scientists, Maker Lab, Kidville University & Grad!


Find me in KVU Grad, KVU, Mess Lab, My Big Messy Art & more!


Find me in Kidville University!


Find me in Kidville University Grad!


Find me in Kidville University Grad!
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Find me in Kidville Univserity & Grad, Savvy Scientists, Maker Lab STEM!


Find me in Kidville University & Grad!

Kidville is powered by our people!

We believe that remarkable experiences are handcrafted by people who LOVE what they do!

Mission in motion

We align leaders, teachers, artists and musicians with positions that match their talents and purpose.

We take pride in sourcing, hiring and training the best talent to make magic happen at Kidville locations around the world.  Our vision is to build an ensemble to collectively put our mission statement in motion through our daily service to the families in our community.

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Where work is play!

We take ‘whistle while you work’ to the next level and put PLAY at the center of how we interact, create and communicate as a team. Are you ready to LOVE what you do?

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